Processing taxes through is a breeze only if you have straightforward taxes to file, without any extra information required. From the summer of 2012 to 2013 both of my ailing parents passed away, and I was laid off from my job in between. My sister and her husband tried to put me on their health insurance, but we were denied. The time period after that literally flew by as a blur of legal matters, and finding a new job to start over. I found temp work but didn't have health care until Fall 2014. I had to explain this on my taxes, and get an approval certificate, in order to avoid a penalty fee. I submitted the application and everything went through easily. Except for the fact that they listed the wrong approval year information on the certificate!!! And the correct information was listed ALL over my application. I now have to get this corrected to submit it with my taxes this year!

I called the health care marketplace the TurboTax website had sent me to for the application, they confirmed that they were not the correct resource. But they did tell me it's mandatory that I get this fixed. I tried to locate a number on the TurboTax website, but got nowhere. I called the health care marketplace again, and they confirmed I had to contact TurboTax. So I tried their website again, and I am STILL going in circles! It has a false button that says to click for Human Help, when you click the button it only leads you to the community response board and the button is grayed out so the Call Us hyperlink does not work. No matter what question I typed in, all I got was community solutions suggested. This year I am just going to pay to have my taxes done right the first time. This is absolutely ridiculous that they don't have a service center considering this is dealing with taxes!

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