QBOnline has implemented their new security and it doesn't work very well. I am basically unable to access my clients for 12-24 hours while they process and update security on my password and login. This is ridiculous and my clients expect to be provided service quickly. Furthermore, their security software only works with some email – doesn't work with TimeWarnerCable because, per the customer service rep, TWC email was hacked and is considered insecure by QBO. You also have to provide QBO your personal data, i. E. Driver's license, government issued ID or passport before they will allow you to use the software subscription that you are charged $40/month. Unlike the QBO's sales rep's pitch, there is no 24-hour support.

QBO is not customer-oriented any longer and it appears it is all about increasing price and poor support and less than helpful customer service. I am thinking about "firing" QBO and putting my clients back on the desktop version, that is if I cannot convince them to change to another accounting software product.

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