Quickbooks/intuit customers beware!!! Our company just experienced something that I think everyone considering using or currently using should know. We have been processing credit cards through QB/Intuit and found that the deposits were not showing in my bank account. Upon investigation, I found that someone had fraudulently got into my QB/Intuit account and changed the bank information to reflect their bank information thus accepting all of my deposits into their account.

When I contacted QB/Intuit the response was: We can not help you as we are not a bank. QB/Intuit informed us that we would not be receiving our money back from them. We questioned why there was not enough security in the QB/Intuit system. The response was that they will not be responsible for the fraudulent activity. Qb/intuit does not have your account secured – fraudulent activity (theft of your deposits) will not be handled by qb/intuit. They do not support their customers and do not have security systems in place to protect their customers. We lost $8500 and QB/Intuit is not refunding even though they allowed a security breach.

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