Dear Sir/Madam,
Serious Complaint on Isuzu D-Max Model with Plat No. MCP 7033
I, Koh Ah Moey, would like to express my deep disappointment and anger on your product and the way your side handle a complaint at service centre. I had made the decision to purchase from Isuzu Malaysia is because I trust your brand and you had been long established in Malaysia since 2004. Your product of D-MAX had made me regretted for making a silly decision to trust the image you portrayed and the core value of Isuzu Company as an international organization which your mission is to be the leading position in automotive market with best services. The attitude of your customer service officers had made me so irritated and jaw dropped. It is very irresponsible action from your side that makes me decided to launch this serious complaint not only to you and also to Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism and even papers.
2. I bought my car D-Max with plat number MCP 7033 months before and it was still under warranty as at to date. The problem occurred is only at the first month I received my car, I felt my car was unusually bumpy compare to others and I checked with the dealer and he just mentioned it is meant to be bumpy. It is a ridiculously answer but I accepted it because of your brand name is ISUZU MOTOR. The facts had proved me wrong to trust on your brand, product and even service provide. After 7 months, I realized that my new tires in the front was completely wear out which is not suppose to happen in the first place as I just bought my car for 7 months and I am not totally heavy user. After sending to the not so effective service centre of ISUZU in Malacca, they found out that it was the jumpers of both side were loosen and caused the tire exhausted. Well, here are the answers given to me by ISUZU when I requested for fixture and change of tire because I am still under warranty. The not so friendly and effective service centre refused to compensate my tires which caused by the loosen jumpers. They told me, I should take my new car to workshop for aligning before I could drive. Please tell me who earth will take a new car for alignment, it is because of all ISUZU VEHICLE is a defect product and you never did gone through PUSPAKOM for inspection before releasing it to me. The jumpers are loosening because it was not nicely fixed in the first place when your side delivered it to me. Is this the quality of a Japanese Company? So many complaints, I had launched and called your dealer and service centre, your side keeps passing my issues around and my car had been left in your dealer centre for 4 months and it caused my loss of business for not having the vehicle for 4 months. I need a clear answer from your side immediately.
3. My request is to fix my jumpers, compensate the tires and my loss caused by your mistakes and negligence. I also had decided to file this issue to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism because if your product is a misleading me to purchase and end up I am leaving my car at your end 4 months without any action taken and now I am nearing the expiry of my warranty. What a fraud organization that diminish my consumer right.
4. I requested a clear response to be answered immediately and I shall receive my compensation with the fixture of my vehicle MCP 7033 to be returned with fix of all including change of tires.

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