Complaints Desk
Plumridge Court,
Ithemba Properties.

29 June 2018
Letter of Grievance: Damaged property
Dear Sir/Madam

I am Okuhle Mpame, a tenant at Ithemba Property, Room 1503, Plumridge Court, Berea, Johannesburg and I started living there on the 09 June 2018. On the 19 June 2018 at around 11:00am I received a call from Peter Nyathi (Building Manager), when I was at work that there’s water coming out underneath a door from my apartment. I left work immediately to attend the problem when I got there at 12:15pm the door was forcefully opened to gain access and Peter Nyathi with other people were trying to save my property from being damaged by water. There was a lot of water inside at approximately 30mm high which damaged some of my property more especially electrical appliances that were placed directly on the floor. After our observation the problem seemed to come from a pipe burst in the sink. I tried to dry and save my electrical appliances but the damage was severe which completely damaged my property.

I complained to Peter Nyathi about my damaged property asking for a compensation and to my surprise he told me that there’s nothing that can be done to assist me. I don’t have to be a legal expect to know that if one’s personal property is damaged by other there should be compensation to the victim in order to put him/her back to where he/she was before the incident. In this case and due to the problem in the plumbing work of the apartment my property was damaged and I am therefore eligible to be compensated to put me back to where I was before the incident.

The property that was damaged is my TV and 4 speakers. I just recently moved to JHB and still finding my feet and this experience came at very bad time in my life as I don’t have money to replace what was damaged. Please be considerate and assist me in this regard. I will await your response.

Yours Sincerely

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