I went to ITT from 2009-2011 the only way out was to finish their 2 year program. I found myself repeating classes that was already taken at another school that should have transferred over but ITT would say one semester that it wouldn't transfer but after the fact the class should have transferred. Coming up with the best schedule that would ensure that I would graduate in a timely manner wasn't their concern. Their concern was to get as much money out of me as possible. For instance most classes have prerequisites. Setting up your classes to ensure you take those class was always important. It never happened, either the classes weren't available because of not having a teacher or the school was doing away with the program and was talking to students about changing their degree program in the middle of program. All of this would mean you having to take additional am classes and graduation rates changes.

That was my issue. No one would take any of the classes if I just transferred before actually obtaining an associates, so I had to stay with it. I graduated in 2011 but all of my student loans were maxed out and I'm left with 10k due to ITT. No job. The information taught was so outdated that most employers would have to retract everything. The school promises they would give you the tools and pay for you to obtain 2 certifications and they took that away after my first semester. This is NOT a good school and it serves them right to be sued.

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