I am embarrassed to say I fell for this hook, line and sinker. I ordered the "FREE" trial size "You only pay for shipping"… $95 later they automatically billed me. I called and complained until I was told if I shipped it back, unopened, with the RA # on the package, they would return the full amount within 5-7 business days. One month later, no refund. When I called they asked for the tracking # to "confirm it was received, because there is no record of having received the shipment." "We're not sure what happened you will get this amount returned in 3-5 business days." Still waiting.

The real bummer is this is in conjunction with a 2nd company Smile Pro, so another $95 was taken from that company as well. Although the story I get from them was "We tried to credit your bank and they rejected the deposit." Really?"You have to call your bank." When I commented I would report them, they hung up and I've had 2 more hang ups since then.

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