I am a hardworking individual and not the greatest credit. I went to JD Byrider to get a car and besides the salesperson who sat with me to choose a car, the whole experience has been horrible. And first thing they do is leave threatening messages on your voicemail that you have to return your car. They say they can't make changes to the contract but they can and they will sell car. I have made all my payments. I had a family emergency and had to make my payment three days later. And two different agents called me threatening that I better make the payment now. I only few days late and they repossessed car. I pay every 2 weeks often to pay most of it and the other same week Friday they refused.

I understand you have to make your payments but there are such things are unexpected, exigent circumstances that there should be some form of consideration for. No one wants to be dealing with an ill family member and getting harassing calls about a situation you have already explained. They have certain agents who bully you and speak really aggressively to you in order to intimidate you. It's a horrible experience. Since June I have made every payment, even the insurance. If I had to do it again I would never have gotten a car from this company. I am looking for assistance now to see what I can do to get out of this bogus contract and situation. This is a strong arm company more like Mafia.

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