Im reporting the Jack In the Box in Houston, TX on Westheimer & hwy 6 zip code 77077. Ok so whenever the football team The Texans win, all jack in the boxes are suppose to give free monster tacos when the customer says go Texans! So me & my friend ordered the monster taco & the Employee told us that we have to purchase something, which is not true because we got the taco before, & on the ad it said when the football team wins they give monster tacos with No purchase! The employee kept going back and forth with us saying we had to buy something. She was rude & didn't want to give us the tacos. The employee had her boyfriend & friends sitting in the lobby & she gave them free food!

So I showed her the Ad for the taco & she went & got the manager. The manager took awhile to come to the counter. I told her I wanted the free monster taco, so she also told me I had to purchase something, which I knew she was lying. I told her we came here before & got it. They were both rude about it. She wasnt even sympathetic about either, but yet we saw the employee give free food to her boyfriend & friends. This jack in the box had very Bad Customer service!!! The employees be on their cell phones. They invite friends up there that hangout in the lobby. Its very Ridiculous!!! I would never spend money at this location again. We never did get the monster taco.

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