James Todd has a personality more suited for conducting lab experiments than for teaching. Psychologists are supposed to be good at gaining people's trust. James Todd has a propensity for alienating anyone who isn't young, cute, and wearing a dress. He has so many unprofessional and disturbing qualities that a school with more professionalism would terminate him instantly. James Todd's manner of interacting with others is disrespectful. He has a self-love and bloated ego which manifest themselves into a genuine contempt for others. He feels he's better than others and tramples upon people's feelings with wanton disregard. He frequently scowls at people and is notorious for giving people disgusted looks. Many students he ignores altogether. He is notorious for keeping students waiting as he socializes with colleagues. Rarely does he show up on time for class. He's into himself and uses class time to brag about his accomplishments. James Todd is a behaviorist psychologist and this carries far greater importance for him than teaching. His agenda is to indoctrinate students with behaviorist politics and the emphasis is on James Todd as an important part of the behaviorist movement. He glows at full wattage when speaking about himself. James Todd re-writes history in order to promote behaviorism. He distorts the truth and presents gilded, one-sided versions of events. In his mind, John Watson and B. F. Skinner are Gods and he wants others to believe this too. If his lectures aren't behaviorist brainwashing, they are embellished with pro-behaviorist rhetoric. A class may consist of watching a political speech by B. F. Skinner or listening to James Todd enunciate behaviorist manifestos, irregardless of their remoteness to anything educational. James Todd confidently states I've had my picture taken with B. F. Skinner and displays this picture prominently in his office along with other artifacts of self-importance. Several times in class, James Todd will raise interesting topics, stating we'll talk about that – though he never gets around to talking about those topics. He answers his phone by saying "James Todd! " James Todd has a long-standing reputation for being overly friendly with female co-eds. He behaves like an adolescent boy in the throes of a first testosterone flush. He goes into automatic pilot when speaking to female co- eds, behaving in a relaxed, confident, and sage-like manner. He encourages female co-eds to visit him in his office and is conversely unfriendly to male co-eds who do the same. He fashions himself a stud and brags about receiving sexual solicitations on his office phone answering machine. One female student, in particular, became his constant companion. She was his graduate assistant and had access to his office when he was away. She acted like a full fledged faculty member and had contempt for others the same way James Todd does. It was wrong for a professor and student to be so close, but no one in the psychology department seemed to care. Despite being a professor and a student, they had no compunctions about treating each other in a loving, delicate, and intimate way. They were a creepy and inseparable couple and married a few weeks after her graduation.

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