I'm so disappointed with J C Penney right now, I have the rewards credit card and every year I have been receiving a birthday gift reward. I notice I didn't receive it yet, so I called customer service they apologized and told me I'll receive it during my next billing cycle. I received this letter from credit card services saying I didn't qualify for a birthday gift. I called they said they stopped giving to regular card holders they just give them to the gold and platinum card holders since 2013. I told them I have been receiving the gift since then. What I don't understand is why would they not give all card holders a birthday gift reward they used to, and they want to all a sudden stop. My mom have a platinum card I remember with hers she receive a larger amount gift reward than me. I can understand them doing that, but just to stop giving it altogether because I don't have a gold or platinum, THAT! I don't understand, it make me feel they don't think that I'm good enough to receive a gift reward because I don't have one of those cards. So do they think I'm good enough to shop in their stores. I received a birthday wish and gift from another major retailer and I don't even have a credit card with them I just have a rewards card which I had for a couple of years. J C Penney I have both reward and credit and I not only didn't qualify for a reward I didn't get a birthday wish. I'm really thinking hard about closing my account with them. I almost did when they had changed the whole makeup with J C Penney that time when they had no coupons, not a smart move at all for shoppers. I didn't shop there anymore doing that time. Now this happens. This store changes are never for what's best for the customer, it seems to be what's best for them.

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