Im at your White Oaks store on Laburnum ave, Richmond, Va. This is the third time i have had to return to tour store to get a sensor tag removed. I am 64 and work at Lowes in Williamsburg Va. It is raining, late at night and once again i have to hp go out and correct something ypu shpuld have done. The first teo times i was a good dport. But now not so much. Im old mot toch. This time they will reimbirse me milage. Ai mild apilogy was made. Ypu dont get it it is notoney o want. I want ypu to inderstand the hazard you put me in. I live in the cpuntry 22 miles from here thats 44 miles i have to travel pn back roafs To come here in the dark for shoes i have to have for work tomorrow. This is the third time. And while i stood here 20 minutes to get an asst mgr sttention and another 20 for the milage. There was another woman who set off ypur sensors and they waved her out and didnt correct it. Now she eill gp home with a sensor on her clothong. Really? Ypu have a problem here. And i am not happy..

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