My wife bought over $200 worth of clothes a week ago and during her transaction the system froze. She showed the clerk that the charge already posted to our account, but they made her pay for her purchase a 2nd time. All the while insisting that the other charge would be put back into our account automatically. It did in fact charge her twice! So now over $400 has been taken out of our account! We have not blamed anyone for the system freezing during the transaction. We will, however, blame the "associates" that handled this. It was handled poorly by anyone we've spoken too. The manager was rude to her employee before she ever spoke to me, "the customer". She then proceeded to tell me that I needed the card that was used to make the purchase, which has been DEBITED into JCP's account. The previous call my wife received had zero indication of this. They called and told her that the "money" was ready to be picked up. I told the manager that my wife did not tell me that, so rudely she told me she should have, among other rude comments. Not satisfied at all with the overall so-called customer service or the lack of urgency to return money to us that never should have been taken out of our account. Talking to us like we've done something wrong, implying that we have stolen something. Our experiences over the last week at JCP has absolutely disgusted us!

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