I hired him to move me about 3-3 1/2 years ago. He had the best price that I was quoted after contacting a few people on Craigslist and said he was the company owner and that he was available,

Red Flag #1 Fully expecting a man in a big moving van to pull up outside my house, instead I saw a slim, haggard looking older guy get off the public bus, walk up to my house and inform me that he was the guy I hired to help me move. He explained that his co-worker was on his was with the truck, since he got his license taken away after getting a DUI (Classy right? ) The move itself was rather uneventful or so I thought at the time. I later noticed that quite a few things were newly broken and later noticed quite a few boxes/items that seemed to simply vanish between my old place and my new one. Typically a story about hiring a mover would end there, but this isnt really a typical story.

My new place was much bigger than my old one, and I was in need of quite a few different furniture items. I mentioned this off-handedly during the move, and the moving guy said that if I needed to pick anything up, I could hire him again. (i.e the guy who could actually drive with the truck) I said that I would let him know if and when I needed his services again. I ended up finding the items I wanted on IKEA online and getting it delivered, so I texted him to let him know I wouldn't need to hire him, which is when he started sending me a barrage of extremely abusive non-stop text messages and phone calls. Calling me a "dumb cunt" "stupid whore" and verballing threatening me with violence and that he would "get me back" and that I would "get what I deserve" etc.etc.

(I ran into him a few months after that downtown Vancouver and he literally started screaming at me from across the road with the same names he used in the texts.)

Fast forward to a few days ago..
It was my day off, and I was in spring cleaning mood. I had some junk at my place that I needed to have hauled away, so I went onto craigslist and started looking for someone to hire. I was very eager to get the stuff out of my place asap, so I texted a few places for quotes, honestly, the incident that occurred with this crazy man over 2 years ago wasn't even on my mind while I was texting prospective moving guys on Craigslist.

I contacted a few places asking for their availability as well as what their rates were and 2 of them I had sent one additional message in which i sent a pic of the stuff i needed taken and told them ideally if it could be taken today that would be great. No booking was done with any of them at any time. NO time confirmed…nothing like that. I ended up getting called into work shortly after and having to fill a shift for a coworker, so my plans of weekend cleaning and decorating sadly got disrupted. I sent back a text to both movers I was speaking with to let them know, apologized and told them that I would have to hire them another day.

I figured that would be the end of things…I was wrong. During that same day while working, I got 6 calls from this guy. (Despite the fact I explicitly told him that I was working) He also called me into the night and past 12:30am.It didnt occur to me that it was the same insane guy who I dealt with 3 years ago until this evening when I got a few text messages. As soon as I got them, I remembered immediately about the crazy moving guy from years ago, and I knew that it had to be the same guy. I knew because there’s no possible was that anyone other than him would send such crazy, abusive, threatening text messages to someone he doesnt know, with no justification. The text messages were threatening, once again, name calling, calling me a whore and a slut and telling me that Im “very very lucky that I never gave him my address so that he doesnty know exactly where I live.” (SCREENSHOT OF SOME OF THE MESSAGES IS BELOW)

Im going to block his number and also contact the police. If you do a search of his phone number (he uses at least 2-3 different phone numbers on craigslist/for his business and he also uses different names aside from Rydell Moving, likely due to the horrific reviews online, many of which are very similiar to mine and also speak of the same harassment and verbal threats/abuse.

Regardless of if this guy is the cheapest, and even if he is the only moving person available, for your own personal safety and mental well being, DO NOT HIRE JEFF / RYDELL MOVING from Vancouver FOR ANY REASON.

How this man is even still operating and allowed to use Craigslist to advertise his business is beyond my comprehension.

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