Consumers be aware of this con artist. Jeffrey Ramos will present himself as a friendly and innocent person but in reality, he is a professional con artist and will defraud you of your property or your money.

This con artist in connection with Rich Caragao, Verde Wheels Company and lawyer Renee Daughetee run a scam business with stolen luxury and exotic vehicles. Rental car or rent to own business scam and they advertise on Instagram, Craiglist and Facebook.

Jeffrey Ramos will lure you to take over your vehicle payment if you can no longer afford them to then run their illegal rental car business. After making a few payments, they will stop paying you, run away with your vehicles and this is where their crooked attorney comes in play to intimidate you since it will be a civil matter.

Due your research on their lawyer Renee Daughetee as her license has been suspended in the past by the state bar for misconduct and arrested twice for drugs and display of false car registration.

Rich Caragao has been sued several times but again, victims cannot afford to spend too much money in their cases as they take time while he gets away with it.

Jeffrey Ramos works as a VP of Sales for Cunan Mutual Group, a financial advisor company, registered with the California department of insurance with license # 0F12684. I am surprised that such a reputable company as Cunan will have this con artist working for them. He is currently being sued for Fraud and Conversion in the Superior Court of California Central Justice Center Santa Ana Court. You can look up under Jeffrey Ramos as this is public information.

In addition, Jeffrey Ramos owns a crossfit gym LRSAC (Ladera Ranch Strength and Conditioning) in Ladera Ranch. His business is registered with the secretary of State with number 201319110222 and currently suspended but yet, his crossfit business is still open and running along with charging his clients a monthly membership and this is illegal. A suspended LLC is considered an entity and it cannot legally transact any business. This is considered fraud against the government.

I am surprised that such a reputable company as Cunan Mutual Group will have a con artist as their VP of sales when he, himself is committing fraud left and right.!!!

I will think about it twice before conducting any type of business with these con artists.

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