I would not recommend Jersey Mortgage Company either. Similar to the other reviewer, they were unable to provide me with the lowest interest rate. Our Mortgage Officer (Joe) initially quoted us a much lower rate and when we were worried about locking in the rate, we were reassured that he was "taking care of it and that it would be fine". We followed up a few times in the weeks leading up to the closing date and were told that he was on top of it. We got a call on the last possible day to lock in the rate for our closing and were essentially forced to close on our property at an above market interest rate because the closing was imminent and it was too late to use another company. We made the mistake of trusting that he was doing his job.

Also Jersey Mortgage Company requests that you pre-pay them at the time of the mortgage commitment (which does have a rate on there) so that they lock you into using them BUT DONT lock in your rate at that time. This way you can't go with another company even if you wanted to! I would definitely NOT recommend this company!

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