Hi everyone, we signed up for a brief phlebotomy certification class and paid and had some small supplies given to us. She seemed very friendly and sincere but did not show up the next day for the second half of the class. The hotel girl said she had checked out of her room the day before, after our first day's class was over. We sat in the lobby and waited and waited and she never came. We all took turns trying to contact her and her phone was disconnected, website gone, facebook business page gone. So we tried to be nice and assume something had gone wrong. Eventually we changed our minds after seeing her facebook posts about how stupid we were and that she was getting involved with something sneaky and was "wishing she could be there when it went down" and that is was a lot of trouble for her, but "worth it". we were surprised and hurt. We went to the police station and reported her. She has copies of all our driver's licenses. That was concerning until we all contacted the right people and got our information protected. She thinks she's clever, but really, she's just a coward.

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