The Jimmy Johnson located in Arlington Virginia on north glebe road is the worst restaurant in the area. The employees there are smoking drugs in the back of the building and the female manager there whose name is terra is the worst and inexperienced in the world of management. You have a bread starter there. Who wears his pants hanging while making your food. The female manager (terea) brings a very inexperienced demeanor of what it means to be a professional manager. The there is profanity upon profanity in that place. As well as continus. Sex play like one which lives inside the club, were is the owners which are supposed to hold the name of Jimmy johns. To a high standard. It is awful. To eat there. With all the misfortunes of watching young in experienced people at the center of themselves instead of maintaining proper customer care. There is no discipline in that restaurant and that manager and bread starter with his pants hanging needs to go. As well as tar drug addicts who reck of the smell of pot. This place is a far cry from professionalism and restaurant integrity.

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