Jo Ann P. McFall and Julie Navarre are your MSU School of Social Work Rocky and Bullwinkle Field Liason Team. Jo Ann McFall is your short, cocky, Field Liason Bitch and Julie Navarre is her tall, dumb, aide-de-camp. Together, they are part of one of the most corrupt, unconscionable, and unethical administrations in higher education history. Understanding how these two think may be the closest one gets to seeing evil in its purest form.
Jo Ann McFall and Julie Navarre torpedo students' chances of success by engaging in personal attacks that undermine the agencies confidence in them. They act with unmitigated arrogance towards the students they are supposed to help. A student who brings something to Jo Ann McFall's attention will experience a lashing out so intense it's startling. Julie Navarre will stand beside Jo Ann McFall and stare directly at the student, nodding her head in agreement.

Minorities are the most likely to incur their wrath. Minorities are placed in practicums in which co-workers and supervisors are hostile to them because of their minority status. This is in addition to the numerous ways in which minorities experience wrong-doing and unfair treatment in this program.

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