After going to joeys tires in Dover road Clarksville Tennessee, I had a blow out that same day. They sold me a tire that was no good and had a broken belt. I traveled on the interstate and had a blow out. Once o contacted the owner of the business, Joey Lingauer, he laughed about it. I could have been killed or hurt other people. They should know better than putting junk tires on someone's vehicle, and laugh about it.

Also, I have sent very many people of ethnic decent into their business to purchase tires. When those people would leave, there's always a racist joke about I'm glad that nigger left. Or I couldn't wait till that nigger left.

People take your money somewheres else. Where you are treated with respect and dignity. Not to a bunch a pot heads/pill heads who talk shit about you.

Take it from me. I know these people well.

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