Over 20 years ago, I went to this agency as a teen. A woman spoke to me about the classes and training and at the end of the interview, explained that they had two more people to see before the classes would be filled. I understood lightweight pressure and declined to attend. So here we are years later, a friend of my daughter decides she wants to give these crooks a chance. I told her, they are NOT a talent agency, they steal from young, naive girls (and boys) and NEVER sign ANYTHING with them.

We went for the song and dance and sure enough, they pressured her into a 'contract'. There were classes on how to apply fingernail polish! You parents out here looking to make a star out of your daughter or whatever, don't go to these people, they are NOT a credible agency filled with 'scouts' in the know. NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING FROM PLACES LIKE THIS! Have your daughter take some head shots, body shots, and send to an agent who can give you direction from there. Stop falling for this BS by folks who are looking to make money off of your naivete. Research and stay away from john casablancas!!!

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