I originally purchased a John Deere LT 133 used it for many years on flat ground. Then purchased a new home and needed to run up-and-down a few hills, That's when I noticed the loss of power in terms of momentum the mower was able to go up a hill. Replace the drive train belt and it seem to do the trick for Half the summer when the trouble began again. I then purchased a used LT 160 with an automatic transmission, I used it twice tomorrow and realized that I was having the same issue with loss of power on hills and even small bumps getting in and out of the shed where they are stored out of the weather. At this time I started investigating the drivetrain and transaxles on the rear of the LT series mowers with the sea 46 unit. I found that they were continually going bad with less than 500 hours in most cases on the unit.

The dealer was great help (Lol) when he came to repairs that would cost over $1000 and upwards to $1700. I found that a K 66 unit was a much better unit to replace in the mower by talking to the original maker of the original transmission unit. And so after reading comment after comment on the LT transaxle and drivetrain unit, John Deere has known apparently for a long time that the product they used for the rear end in these mowers would fail in many cases after just a few hundred hours, mine itself has only 345 hours I've heard of others that I've had 200 or less and others that get up to 500. This seems to be unacceptable and most John Deere owners eyes but John Deere at least in my case seems to be turning a deaf ear to the reoccurring situation of their tractor. So it makes me question why am I buying John Deere and have been buying John Deere for 30 years.

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