Throughout the operating season of 2015, the John Deere D100 began experiencing issues that seem to be related to the transmission. During a normal course of lawn mowing, I found that the tractor, when placed in neutral, seemed to be locked, and would only move forward and back unless manually pushed. During the week of November 1st, the rear underbody of the tractor began to smoke while in normal operation using the cart feature. On November 4th, I removed the mower deck according to the D100 manual instructions, loaded it into our pickup truck, and dropped it off at the JD Power/John Deer dealer in London, Ohio for repair.

On November 9th, I learned that the tractor had been delivered to a JD Power location in New Albany, Ohio when Tom (a service technician) called me to update. I spoke with Jeremy Service Department Manager-London; to find out why the tractor had been moved to a new location without my knowledge. Jeremy agreed through my questions that he was the person who directed my tractor along with 9 others, be shipped to New Albany without having called the customer first. The following day, the tractor arrived back in London per my request and I met with the London location general manager along with Jeremy. Jeremy confirmed that the $400.00 transmission unit, which was no longer under the two year warranty as of June of 14, was leaking fluid and would need to be replaced.

I explained that I expected to and would be involved in meeting with the service employee, or at least a representative, to discuss the mechanical problems in person when dealing with an $80.00/hour rate and $400.00 transmission on a tractor purchased new in 2012. Jeremy never apologized during our conversation for not verifying with me before loading the tractor onto a trailer and driving by highway 38 miles to New Albany.

On November 9th at 10:16 P.M., I registered the problem with the John Deere Customer Contact Center website () which indicated I should receive a response within 24 hours. On November 11th at 3:02 P.M., I was contacted by George, John Deere Ag & Turf Division, Customer Service, USA & Canada, 17 hours past the 24 hour deadline. Mr. Advised he received the information and would look into the problem. Mr. Phone number as provided on his e-mail is 888/522-1177, ext. On November 10th, I sent a detailed e-mail message to John Deere Field Representative Don.

On November 12th, Mr. Said he had communicated with Mr. And offered for John Deere to cover half of the repair expenses. During discussion, Mr. Said my share of the expense would likely start at $200.00, but could be more. I expressed my feeling that this was not a reasonable offer and declined. I intend to retrieve the tractor from London on November 17th.

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