Mr. John Frow of Millennium Sports Network in Plano, Tx/DFW

For 3 years I have provided my services to John Frow and Millenium Sports Network. My last date of contract employment was April of 2018. I have still not be paid for services rendered (in excess of $200). Mr. Frow has not only become delinquent in payment, but has ceased all contact and refuses to reply. In addition to non payment, Mr. Frow has several pieces of my PERSONAL equipment in his possesion and refuses to return them via non contact. This unfortunately is a common practice with Mr. Frow…as I echo the following from a previous post on this site: "…to delay not only paying myself but others in the industry that have done similar work for Millenium Sports Network both this last year and over the past couple of years.
Thru investigation i have found he has judgements against him and his personal property and has a long history of unethical business practices. This note is simply a warning for those whom he may employ on a contract basis in the future. Beware! To all potential Contractors, Sponsors, Athletic Booster Clubs, ISD's and Coaches you will be taken. If someone doesn't let others know, then this calculated individual will continue to defraud others for years to come."

I echo this message, if you work for Millennium Sports Network and John Montgomery Frow, you will encounter the same result.

John Montgomery Frow
7012 Stinnett Dr
Plano, TX 75024
[email protected]

*Per response and payment in full by Mr. Frow, this complaint will be removed

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