I use their Juno version 5.49 the 3 tab software. There is a newer version 8.81 that is unusable – backup email from 5.49 does not work with it and does not work as good as version 5.49 I have been a loyal customer since April 2002. I tolerate a lot from them. They told me the default browser is where the software works through. I have the most recent software of every thing on my Computer yet Juno 5.49 is still using Internet Explorer 6 server only. They keep putting blame on me for using Internet Explorer 6 it warns me to use Internet Explorer 9 yet its the age of Internet Explorer 11. I get Malware prompting me to download/interrupting while checking email. I get security certificate warnings – that are meaningless. These Interruptions demand attention or nothing can be done. I wrote to technical 4 times and sent a very detailed email including pictures yet they write I never sent anything to explain my problem. They did get my email and did reply. I suspect their avoiding doing anything about the problem. I found I could forward my email to another email service to get past the malware download and demanding interruptions.

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