Asked for $99 brake pads and an $20 oil change. Shop called me back with an estimate of $919. I told them to forget it, I was coming to get the car. They said they'd "work with me" and just put the pads on and the oil change and it would be $327. Ninety nine plus twenty does not equal 327. I told them never mind, I was coming for the car. They said they'd just do the oil change then. I agreed. Final bill to get my car back was $91.14. Receipt says at bottom that a complimentary multi-point inspection is included, but I was charged 59.99 for a multi-point inspection that would "be refunded if I got all the work done".

Estimate for work "needed" was now at $867.44, though the clerk said something that cost $100 was added twice on the estimate (though nothing is duplicated) and it would only be $767.44. Estimate shows, among other things, that I needed all calipers replaced and power steering fluid flushed, etc… Kicker: this is a new car which doesn't need any of this.

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