I paid the required deposit of $5 to ask a question, with the belief that if I did not agree with or approve of the answer received, I would not have to pay. After the first question, it became apparent, I would have to ask several more questions to get an answer, as the protocol is to answer one question at a time, regardless if it is correct or complete. So, I agreed to a $38 membership for unlimited questions, based upon their 30 day, 100% approval guarantee. I had to ask the "expert" my question in four (4) different ways and was never given a correct or even a fully explained answer. It also took four (4) days to get the answers, 24 hours for each, even though each time I was told my wait time was "8 minutes." After the fourth (4) incomplete and wrong answer, I canceled my subscription and requested a refund of my $5 deposit.

That was 23 days ago. Today, I received my cc statement, only to find that in the past 23 days I have been charged $84. When I went to their site, it claimed I had only been charged the $38 membership. When I tried to make a "self-started" refund, per the site instructions, I was unable to, as you are no longer eligible for a refund if you have rated the expert already and it said I had rated him with 5 stars. I finally found the customer service number and called them, beyond furious, as I had not rated the "expert" and had in fact, canceled my membership. I was informed, that when a second question is asked, the previous question is "automatically" rated with 5 stars, thereby denying you the right to your own review and a refund. I threatened to file a complaint with the Attorney General and have been assured I will have a refund within 3 days. We will see.

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