Today I used the website to ask about a problem with my Garmin Vivosmart. They answered in an email message with a link that brought me to a page where I could not answer the technician's question ("How old is your device?"). I phoned the company and someone got me to their page. I answered his question, then *nothing* happened. I decided to pay more for a phone call with an "expert" after discovering that each back and forth exchange online with the technician and me could take up to 8 minutes (so I might be on the phone with him for most of the day).

After the company confirmed via email that the phone call would occur and that I would be charged an additional charge for that to happen, nothing happened after close to an hour. I phoned customer service to cancel the phone call. They said the charge would be removed after 3-5 business days, but not the $21 charge for the technician to ask me online how old my device is. Absolutely useless company.

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