I have been a member for quite some time now, but I've had intent to cancel several times and I even posted it at one point. I made a purchase for maybe two pairs of shoes. One of them was a pair of boots and I did not like the quality of those. And then there was a jacket purchase that did not fit well, which could've been body shape and I gave that to my daughter and I don't think she wore it that often. But I did most recently purchased some jewelry online and I don't have a complaint about those yet.

I am very disheartened with the billing process. I am a part of JustFab VIP program, but I do not respond by the 5th and I have funds automatically withdrawn from my account at which in itself is not a big deal; however, I've had that happen to me three times and I've attempted to use the credit in my most recent purchase and my credit card was still charged. I don't have a way to apply the credit to an order.

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