Initially, my experience with JustFab was good. But the end result was not so great. The shoes were very uncomfortable, I could not wear them. I wore them one time for 20 minutes, then decided to give them away to someone else. I cancelled my subscription but they charged me anyway. This caused an overdraft in my account after they sent me a confirmation email that my subscription was cancelled. When I tried to cancel, the CSR had me on the phone for about 5 minutes and wouldn't shut up. She said to give them a chance. I said I already did but the shoes don’t fit and they don’t even carry my size properly. I ordered the right size but they didn’t fit me. I told her that if that’s how their shoes run, they’re no use to me. I wanted to cancel but to end the conversation, I just said, “Fine. Leave it alone.” But I’m going to call back and cancel it.

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