My experience with JustFab is terrible. I had an event coming up and the boots I saw in JustFab go perfectly with my outfit. I hear a lot of people talking about JustFab, and they have nice ratings so I ordered these boots from them. But my order never came through. They said they delivered my package, but when I called the post office, they said that they left it outside and no signature required. Since I never get the package, that means someone took my package. I already paid for this purchase but my package was not delivered to me.

They told me I have to wait extra time to see if it will come. And when it never came, I called back and asked for a refund but they were just trying to issue a credit. I told them that I don't want the shoes anymore and I don't want to issue a credit because this is a bad experience with them. I didn't want the second set of shoes they were trying to send to me because the event had already passed. I didn't need them anymore. So I asked for a refund. They tried to beat around the bush about the refund and finally they gave me the refund when I called back. I had to wait the whole weekend before I could get it. They didn't have a lot of selections either because I have a wide taste. The shoes that I did find, they didn’t even have my size. So I was lucky to be able to find that one pair in my size and in my width.

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