My name is Tianna and I am member. I have been billed for NINE MONTHS by this awful site, despite clicking 'skip the month." It bills me ANYWAY. It is illegal to bill where no products have been purchased. 35 for each of these months adds up to 315 pounds. What this site does is it chooses who to scam and who not to, so some people will talk about their great experience and others not so much. I want my money back immediately. I am going to my bank in the morning and I intend to pursue legal action if my money isn't refunded.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am disgusted by the customer service. It takes forever to cancel and they try every trick in the book to try and get you to stay. Paypal has previously refunded me my money from this site as they knew it was a scam. I will stop at nothing until this money is refunded. I honestly can't believe the insidious nature of this site. I am put off of online shopping for good. JustFab Customer Service, please respond.

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