4 years ago we transferred 270, 000 GBP into a QROPS scheme managed by Justin Harris. After quoting his writing for the Guardian and quotes from The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments we proceeded. Our risk profile was cautious with an emphasis on protecting capital over return.

Based upon this we felt confident in our dealings. Fast forward 3 years and the fund is now worth 160, 000 GPB and Justin Harris asks us to give him 6 months to put it right or he would resign and pay us 15, 000 GBP.

Come 6 months and the fund has gone down more and Justin Harris refuses to resign as our IFA without a non disclosure form being signed.

By the time we get him out the picture in February 2018 it has lost even more and continues to do so as funds are front loaded with fees. After lodging complaints with every Financial Institution I could find it appears Justin Harris and Chase Belgrave are not regulated by anybody.

Further, the quote from Simon Culhane of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments appears to be a lie. The Guardian washed their hands of him and now it appears that he has moved to Mauritius.

I can only assume this is a common practice for him and Chase Belgrave. I will be following this trail until I get my money back and can only take this opportunity to avoid Justin Harris and Chase Belgrave like the plague.

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