Chemotherapy: I asked for a port; withheld until last round of chemo so I had severe bruising from four attempts to find vein. I asked for weekly low dose of carboplatin/paclitaxel (much lower adverse effects, no CIPN, etc) and was refused. Finally last cycle was reduced only 20%. I asked for cryotherapy as San Rafael Kaiser supports it, no support, Dr. Snapped "I don't have time for this" (answer questions about why I can't have scans as part of surveillance like other uterine cancer patients). Dr. Denies all but my notes from each appt. Document this. Fired Dr., and am looking at how to get out of Kaiser. Oh, nurses offended that I prefer use of surname instead of being called like a child by first name. Totally shunned by oncology nursing staff at last infusion; not a single nurse in room when I left last infusion. And I had baked them cookies!

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