I called today to ask for the result of my x-ray and they said they will send a message to my primary Doctor. I said "Usually, they don't call us back even you send them message. Is there anyway we can convey with them." And I told my bad experience of this sending message that even you are having problem and you want to reach them, the answer always is that "we will send a message because that's all we can do." While I was telling my bad experience, she was laughing and even said outright to wait for a call and all they need to do is just verify my phone number and that's it.

I don't ask for her sympathy but at least be sensitive. Or do they know that? I hope you won't get sick and when you ask help, that would be the only answer you get. Kaiser Permanente, I think you have to teach your representative the word "be polite and courteous" because they are dealing with the people that pay for them to have the job they have.

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