I'm a CA State Employee, the State put out threats to not pick up the various Medical Ins. Kaiser, etc. For their employees unless they cracked down on the FMLA excuses. Well that didn't affect the Psychiatric Dept. Because they don't feel Depression warrants as a Chronic Illness, I'm my disabled daughters caregiver and I've had depression my whole life to where I was almost suicidal. I'm not allotted the luxury of a FMLA note, all the Psychiatric Dept. Does is doe out pills, they'll see you (Therapists) but if you don't seem like your getting better they'll stop seeing you.

I have complained over and over and over to the Member Services dept. And the CEO's Facebook page and nothing, next year I'm dumping Kaiser Permanente after 26 years I've had it with them. I plan to retire next year and won't need an FMLA but you can't depend on Kaiser, they are disrespectful to the Members. Oh they'll kiss your butt at open enrollment to get you to lock in another year and then have nothing to do with you. Patients have know rights with them, IT'S A JOKE and believe me because I have 26 years experience.

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