I've been with Kaiser for years. I developed pancreatitis. I opted for surgery after numerous hospitalizations. I had a Whipple procedure, where they take the majority of your pancreas, spleen, duodenum and gall bladder out. I developed sepsis while in recovery. Now it's 8 months post surgery. I'm in pain, don't digest my food, and don't feel good very often. I have requested pain meds and they will not give me any. I go to my PCP and they just stare at me when I tell them that I am still in pain. I was even asked by one doctor what the surgery procedure was. My PCP won't send me to a more experienced doctor and I'm left out in the cold, stomach still hurts, nausea.

I found out about enzymes online. The treatment I have received since my surgery has been extremely poor. I tried to get help by filing a complaint/grievance and was declined. Seriously thinking of taking the other option for health insurance. I can't believe I pay a lot of money for people who aren't educated enough to know to look at someone's chart, help them deal with pain, etc. It's been an awful time. I can't tell you how many mistakes were made throughout the surgery ordeal. By the way, I also ended up with congestive heart failure after one of their doctors refused to believe I was still sick after giving me antibiotics. Strep traveled through from my lungs to my heart. He prescribed cough syrup.

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