I am Mr Anson Mathew, from Romsey, yesterday 10/12/2015 at around 11.30 am I have been to Southampton shop, 99 Above Bar Southampton, SO14 7FG for the money transfer to India. I was having a promotional code from Western union customer services but when I gave this to the person over there he was confused with it even though he tried to do it but the lady staff Michelle was not interested in it and she was discouraging him from trying it. Finally I called to western union customer service and they were ready to discuss the matter with the shop, and Michelle was not ready to talk and she refused to give me a good service, I felt very bad and she was not even interested to talk properly. Finally the male staff contacted agent support team and finally they came to know that they can use the promotional code. Please tell the these kind of staff to how to give good service to the customer. Its my request, I expect you to consider this complaint seriously to avoid future complaints from all customers. I love to know the progress of the action based on this complaint. Thanks

Email: [email protected]mobile: 07412248610

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