Do NOT buy a Kenmore Elite refrigerator from Sears. We purchased one in 2011. It broke down in September due to a failure of the refrigerant system, but Sears has been unwilling and unable to repair it. They stalled us, made us wait weeks for repairs, lied to us and finally tricked us into believing our warranty was not with them. They told us the warranty was with the manufacturer, LG. This, we found out, was a lie.

It is now November and we have no refrigerator and Sears refuses to stand behind their product. They said their hands are tied. This was an expensive appliance and should not have had problems after only 4 years. That said, Sears has made it impossible with their 3 week appointment windows for repairs, never having the right parts, not showing up for appointments, excuses, and then deceiving us with their warranty story. All with no apologies for the time and trouble. We bought this Kenmore refrigerator in good faith, thinking it was the best we could get. Sears is NOT the same company that it used to be and we are done with them.

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