I purchased a water heater from Sears in 2002 and it began leaking in 2008. That water heater had a 9 year warranty. I had it replaced with a Power Miser 12, with a 12 year warranty. This water heater is now leaking 7 years later. When I called to arrange a replacement, I was told that this warranty is no good since I did not pay extra when it was replace in 2008. I was never told this in all my phone calls to Sears in 2008 and during the horrific process I experienced, in 2008, where I had to find the plumber myself and make all the phone calls and arrangements myself since everything Sears was supposed to be doing and they were not.

Now I am told there is no warranty on this Power Miser 12 which is 9 years old. I will never get another appliance from Sears again.in my conversation with the representative he just ended it with "I hope the rest of your day goes better." If you are planning on buying a water heater, I suggest you run away from Sears. They are not the company they used to be. They just don't care anymore about reputation. I will be shopping for a new water heater from Home Depot or some big box store.

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