We purchased a Kenmore Elite 30CF bottom freezer refrigerator in October 2014. We thought we were buying top of the line for many years of peace of mind. By March that refrigerator had so many problems and 6 repairs. Kenmore agreed to send a replacement in April 2015. It is now September 2015 and the second replacement refrigerator has had 4 repairs. Kenmore will not even offer an extended warranty to stand behind their product and my $3,000.

Yesterday the refrigerator was repaired again. We'll see how long it lasts. All Kenmore says is that the replacement in April comes with a new 1-year warranty and to contact Sears to purchase an extended warranty. Like I want to invest more money into this piece of crap? I'll start saving that money towards its replacement which will likely be in a few short years, if that. This purchase has been such a nightmare. I do not plan on buying from Sears or Kenmore ever again in the future.

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