I live in Lake Elsinore, Ca. I used a coupon to get 10 dark pcs. At $12. I get home & discover they charged me $14. I go back & tell the inexcusably RUDE WOMAN manager I need my $2.16 returned, that KFC has overcharged me. She tells me "I have to buy SOMETHING ELSE & the rude incompetent woman will subtract the $2 from the order"! I tell the stubborn WOMAN I don't want 'something else', I want my $ refunded & she looks at the receipt & coupon like I was speaking Klingon, & refuses to refund the $ they stole from me. I'm convinced she didn't know how to do a cash refund, & therefore just did the only thing she could think of. NEVER AGAIN will I go to KFC, their food has gotten LOUSY anyway! Thieves!

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