I manage customer service for 15 retail store locations, so as I handle customer complaints every day and understand that there are always multiple factors, I am hesitant to register complaints. Because of two visits to one of your locations I decided to provide an observation rather than a complaint. My first via was 2 years ago. The chicken was hard and dry. I decided to just not eat at the restaurant again. Today I happened to be out and thought I would give it one more try. I ordered the fish and chicken combo. $7.16 price. The meal came with no receipt, no napkins, the employee at the window did not greet me, had a don't really care attitude and order was not correct or worth the price. My reaction was, never again will I waste my money here.in the area where the restaurant sits, there are multiple closed, what would be considered traditional American, fast food restaurants. As I never see many cars in the parking lot, this one seems on track to meet the same fate. There is no reason for this. If customer's feel as if you can care less, they will simply spend their money some where else.

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