Just been to your kfc in kirkstall had to wait long time for meal they served three customers after us my number came up as ready and went so I asked the girl behind counter why my number had disappeared and she was serving people that had paid after mewhere as she replied you don't have to talk to me like that and then wouldn't serve me so I asked to see manager he came and served me. As I sat down I noticed two of my drinks where missing so I went back and asked for them also my corn was missing so my wife went up and asked for them.
at this time the girl in question went outside and started giving jestures at the door. When she came in strolled over to our table started argueing again and called me a div in front of my grandson whereas I called for manager again.
the manager came over to speak to me and stuck up for staff replying she was pregnant but does this give her the right to give rude jestures to a customer
the food was cold so most of it was left.in my opinion the girl should be given a written warning and manager should be sent for re-training as he didn't follow correct procedings as he took word of staff without hearing both sides.

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