Just wanted to let someone know that I purchased 6 chicken legs for a friend at the KFC at 216 E. FM 1382 Cedar Hill, Tx., 75104 last Sunday night about 9pm. I was a walk in and purchased 6 chicken legs for a friend along with other items. I didn't eat the chicken legs but I ate the coleslaw and mashed potatoes just as my friend did and am fine. 13 hours later after my friend ate the chicken legs he became violently ill. Vomiting, watery diarrhea, sever stomach cramps, fever and joint stiffness. It is now November 10th at 6pm CST and my friend is finally starting to feel better. We contacted a member of his family who are in the health industry to let them know that he was ill and described the symptoms my friend was having. They suspected a possible foodborn illness that could be salmonella desease. I just wanted to let someone know about this incident so it may be investigated. Thanks for your cooperation, A Concerned Consumer

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