On November 20,2015 I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken with me and my grandson I order to fill up the $5 fill up well instead of getting mashed potatoes and gravy I got macaroni and cheese for both orders will ask the person that was in the back was getting a macaroni and cheese he stuck his finger in there to get a tag out the tag was yellow he being said that he didn't do it I'm sitting there watching him so it was another lady in Kentucky Fried Chicken she started yelling at me cussing at me put up a finger and then she also was talking back to her manager in the store said that she's right and she's not worried about anything if you can pull back to take on November 20th 2015 you would see that is very uncomfortable in there they didn't have the food cook you have to wait over 45 minutes and they still wasn't trying to serve with a customer service sucks I also said to the supervisor I said you are a sorry person as a supervisor to let your employees talk to you any kind of way in their customers I will be calling your manager so this is why I'm calling you guys my name is Angela Demeritte 7863 very unhappy with the service

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