I opened an account around this time last year. Mind you I opened an account with the protection against overdrafts. They explained that if the funds were not in my account it would not charge my account. Ok, cool! Well that was one of the many lies they have told me. A company charged my account $100 without my say-so and Key Bank pushed it through with my account balance being only $5. I got the company to pay the $100 back, NO PROBLEM. Key Bank however added on a $40 charge for overdraft and then another $50 overdraft fee.

I talked to about 5 different customer service representatives about this issue. I am a level-headed person and don't get mad and go off on people. I do get frustrated and ask question after question. Apparently you are only allowed to ask 3 questions and you get hung up on. Again, no cursing and no screaming, just asking questions like, "How does it make sense that you charged me not one but two overdraft fees for something that you guys put through and weren't supposed to?" Or "So why am I getting charged for something that was paid back?" And the women would get crappy with me saying, "Well then we will just send it to collections, " and then hang up on me. Great customer service.

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