I wanted KFC chicken so I drove to get some. I asked for 12 piece bucket meal with breasts to replace any thighs (don't like thighs) so drove up to pay. When I was handed my food I asked clerk if she heard me about the breasts request and she said yes. Took my food and went home. Opened bucket to eat and looked like left over scraps in bucket. Had 3 breasts and the rest were thighs, legs and wings. The two breasts I had last night were still tiny pink around bone (under cooked) and did not taste good. Took long time waiting in line and looked understaffed thru window. For the first time they acted like they didn't care if they satisfied me. I paid $35.60 and was very unhappy. Am on fixed income so I felt like I wasted my money. Spoiled my appetite for KFC.

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