I was kind of jonesing for extra crispy chicken today so as soon as lunch break started, I drove halfway across town to KFC and ordered a 2 piece meal. This was $7.30 with no drink, which annoyed me to be honest. But whatever, I had my chicken. So, I open the box and my heart sunk that there was no drumstick, and instead it was a wing (a small one) and a breast (expected), but again whatever, until I tried to eat them, and realized that these had been burning under the heating lamp for hours and the flavor was pretty much gone… This was once my favorite place to get lunch, but now it seems that affirmative action is tearing them down because they are staffed completely by minorities who are known to be the laziest people in the world, and they do the bare minimum to stay open. The monumental increases in price should come with an increase in quality, but it does not appear this is the case… It is a shame really!!!

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