We purchased a stainless freezer at the bottom model in January of 2013 from a local appliance store. Within a couple of months we had a freezer that stopped getting cold and lost all the food in it. A repairman came quickly and said it was working fine and it continued for a year. Then the freezer stopped working for a day, but came back on.in October of 2015 the freezer stopped completely. We have had a series of repairmen out and we still have no freezer. I have called KitchenAid and they said they would only fix and repair what is in the sealed unit, but that often the control panels fail and that they won't fix or replace the control panel.

We paid top dollar for a fridge that lasted two years. There is no way I would ever buy a KitchenAid product again for any reason. This has been a nightmare. We were without a fridge during the hottest two months on record and now we are going into the holidays without a fridge/freezer. I would never recommend buying a KitchenAid appliance and would warn anyone to avoid this company.

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